We help people with mental, physical and developmental disabilities

Reaching New Heights


A picture is worth a thousand words and some stories just have to be told!Such is the case with a young lady named Amanda at Excel’s Gerard Raymond Centre. Amanda has a beautiful care dog named Cesco, who’s job it is to help her with anxiety issues. Should Cesco detect anxiety in Amanda, then he goes to her and makes her sit or lie down. If Amanda feels anxious she can go to her dog and pet him to relieve her stress. Sounds simple and effective and it is.

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Dreams Can Come True


In 2010, a client of Excel’s Gerard Raymond Centre suggested that he would like to go on a trip to Florida. He spent lengthy hours researching what to do there and landed on Disney World as the place he wanted to go. The idea floated around but staff had never taken clients on an international trip before and there would be lots to do before it could happen.

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Wheels for Elon


“Wonderful to be independent!”

Sometimes noticing small things can lead to big successes in working with our clients. Elon joined Excel in 2005. He is the victim of a stroke that left him with limited verbal skills, instability on his feet and damaged self-confidence. He used a walker to get around the house and Excel staff had noticed his lack of interest in his appearance and in his going out anywhere.

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On Fulfillment and Reward

sucess_stories_thumb_4Emily and Marv have retired to a full time job as Support Home Operators (SHO)! In fact it seems they are working harder, yet not even noticing it.  Emily and Marv have taken two clients from the Excel Society into their home, providing guidance and support along with some big doses of love, caring, and acceptance.

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