We help people with mental, physical and developmental disabilities

On Fulfillment and Reward

Emily and Marv have retired to a full time job! In fact it seems they are working harder, yet not noticing it.  Emily is a Support Home Operator (SHO) who has taken two clients from the Excel Society into their home, providing guidance and support along with some big doses of love, caring, and acceptance.  But she is not alone, “Behind every successful woman there is a supportive man!” Jokes Marv.

“Our family has grown, and have their own lives”, says Emily “so we decided we have more to give.”  And give they do, by helping special individuals through the SHO program.  They have taken Dahlbert and Kevin into their home and work to expand their skills and to make them part of their family.  Emily comments, “We encourage them to sit down to meals and actually talk with us, about their day, their goals and we work to help them get past barriers and limitations.” In fact, Emily finds books and games that work as teaching aids to raise skills and build confidence where needed.

Emily is the first one to say it takes patience to help adults to learn to tell time, to write their name, to read, and to use their manners like please and thank you.  The return though is huge! “We get more than satisfaction, it’s a kind of fulfillment,” Emily comments, “there is such excitement at the end of the day when they show off a project or share the events of the day.”

“Receiving a Father’s Day Card or a heart-felt Thank you for supper reaches right inside of you so we get a lot of appreciation for our efforts.” Says Marv.

Bill Walker, their Creative Support Coordinator from Excel says, “Emily and Marv are the best in the world when it comes to genuinely helping “their boys” as they call them, and it is reflected in their positive results.  There is a lot of satisfaction to be gained here and I believe they get it.  As for “The Boys” they are both happy and healthy!”

Fulfillment may in fact  be it’s own reward!