We help people with mental, physical and developmental disabilities

Reaching New Heights

Such is the case with a young lady named Amanda at Excel’s Gerard Raymond Centre. Amanda has a beautiful care dog named Cesco, whose job it is to help her with anxiety issues. Should Cesco detect anxiety in Amanda, then he goes to her and makes her sit or lie down. If Amanda feels anxious she can go to her dog and pet him to relieve her stress. Sounds simple and effective and it is.

What makes the story interesting is that as part of her new experiences Amanda decided to try a new program involving indoor rock climbing. When you look through the pictures that accompany this story you will see a young lady looking up at the challenge (this is a time when most of us begin to get anxious). Note her dog Cesco nearby, calm and relaxed. Amanda goes on to “Reach New Heights” as she climbs the wall and achieves what many of us could not or would not.

Excel staff work hard at providing “Person-Centred Care” and in this case they offered a new and different kind of challenge. Everyone (including Amanda) is proud of her accomplishment at overcoming what are natural fears for all of us.

Oh, and as for Cesco… he knew she could do it!