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Wonderful to be Independent

Sometimes noticing small things can lead to big successes in working with our clients. Elon join Excel in 2005. He is the victim of a stroke that left him with limited verbal skills, instability on his feet and damaged self-confidence. He used a walker to get around the house and Excel staff had noticed his lack of interest in his appearance and motivation to going out in the community.

During his annual Care Plan Meeting (with his Alberta Health Services Client Case Manager, Excel’s Residential Coordinator (RC) and a staff member) a vital question was asked. Would he be interested in using a wheelchair if we could find one for him? Using his own hand-sign code he waved his three finger sign for “Yes”. After the meeting the residential coordinator arranged for an occupational therapy assessment and it was decided to give him a wheelchair on a trial basis. The change was astounding! He had a major change in behaviour, began to shave, and had an interest to head out into the community again!  Since then he has learned to catch the Edmonton Transit Bus (ETS) with his wheelchair and ride to the mall or wherever he wants and he never gets lost. Because of his new found independence, Excel staff have set some ground rules for him. If it is too cold or there is too much snow, they will advise him not to go out because of the danger and he gives his sign of understanding. He makes his own lunch, carefully watching out for his low salt diet and has found a new independence.

Staff have watched his improvement and are proud to point to Elon as achieving a great success and maybe even a mobile miracle. Thanks to Jane Salazar and the Res. 18 team!