We help people with mental, physical and developmental disabilities

Welcome to the Excel Society

Serving Vulnerable Albertans Since 1964

The Excel Society, a Non-Profit organization, celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2014. Excel supports and advocates for people with mental, physical and developmental disabilities in both Edmonton and Calgary.

Our vision is Enriching Lives by Enabling Potential. This means working with each client to improve their lives by helping them expand their capabilities and skills. We work with clients using a Person Centred Care Model that creates a unique care plan for each individual.

Our website objective is to provide information and answers, that help you to succeed in assisting family or friends with disabilities.

With almost 600 staff, trained to help vulnerable clients we are aware of the issues and concerns you might have and are here to help. The disabled are active members of our community and we are always seeking new ways to assist in their quality of life.

Meet our wonderful staff

shannon leanne milauni deborah jane dut

Shannon - Facilities

Shannon has been with Excel Society since 2008. He is part of the facilities team and travels from site to site to assist with technology.

"Despite limited resources, Excel has been able to utilize technology to greatly improve service delivery. It is refreshing to work for an organization that is open and willing to adopt technological solutions." - Shannon

Leanne - Recreation

Leanne has been with Excel Society for about 2 years. She loves being in the recreation department. She loves bringing clients from the GRC/Clubhouse 55 out on community activities.

"As staff, we enjoy encouraging, assisting & motivating clients on their climbs & a few times clients asked us to race them in climbing up the wall [at Vertically Incline]! What fun that was! It was amazing to see just how far each [client progresses], the excitement they had in reaching the top & also the drive they had to continually challenge themselves to more difficult walls or to time their ascents when they wanted to challenge their own times!" - Leanne

Milauni - Administration

"I have been working for the Excel Society close to five years. I truly believe in Excel Society’s vision, mission statement and values and feel privileged to be part of it. I love my team and I look forward to come into work every day!!!!" – Milauni

Deborah - Administration

Deborah is the Excel Academy Administrative Assistant but she has been through many changes at the Excel Academy. She ensures students at the site whether it be our staff or external agency employees are taken care for.

"We are a caring agency. We are care for our clients as we care about our instructors, students or staff." – Deborah

Jane - Client Care

Jane joined the company when Excel Society bought Excel Care Homes and has been with the company for about 5 years.

"I've been with the company for about 5 years and the support here at Excel Society is amazing. Teamwork and support is available everywhere, everyone is so kind and keen to help. My favourite quote is 'Live every moment, Laugh every day, and Love beyond words.' – This is what I see everyday when I get up to come to work." – Jane

Dut - Day Programs

Dut has worked with Excel for about 13 years and currently he is a service coordinator over at the Gerard Raymond Centre and coordinates SIL (Supportive Independent Living). He has also been in Residential Support, John McGee Employment Options, and several different committees.

"Dut is one of the most trusted people at the facility. He is able to support clients and deal with any situation that is presented to him. Dut remains positive and always tries to find the best solution for the situation. He truly cares about the well-being of the clients he supports!" – Anonymous