We help people with mental, physical and developmental disabilities


Excel staff look for opportunities to benefit our clients in both employment and volunteer situations.  Recognizing that each person has different skills and interests we make efforts to match the client with the situation that will help them succeed.  Working closely with employers we develop a clear understanding of what will be required and then find the right client for the situation.  We will work with the employer and their staff to create a positive work environment and council the client until they are comfortable with their role.  Everyone’s objective is to create a safe, productive and positive experience that meets the employer and the client’s needs.  Employers are recognized for their support and their role as active community supporters.  Similarly we know that there are volunteer positions that will suit our clients and we make the same efforts toward success.  While pay is not a factor, some clients receive great personal reward from providing help to the many Edmonton events where volunteers are a necessity.  In some cases volunteering is a great first step toward future employment for clients.