We help people with mental, physical and developmental disabilities

Client Employment

Many, community minded companies realize that they may have unmet needs that could be done by an Excel client.  Excel has a long history of helping employers identify work projects and clarifying details.  Excel staff will meet with the employers staff to help create a positive understanding and successful work environment for incoming clients.  Scope of work is often reduced and time commitments achievable for all parties and Excel personnel provide ongoing support as long as needed.

Employers benefit as our clients usually have very little sick time, they are committed to the task and do what is expected. They always show up and are very appreciative of opportunities to be a part of the working community. Clients are known to be loyal, dependable and trustworthy! Employers find it is an opportunity to diversify the workforce and enhance the corporate image by demonstrating a commitment to the community. Excel Society does follow up support and retraining if necessary.

If you are interested in more information about this program please contact John McGee Employment Options program and email intake@excelsociety.org