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Disability Tax Credit

It’s February, and we have less than one month to contribute to RRSPs, but what about other tax credits? Have you heard of the Disability Tax Credit if you live with a disability, or if your family member has a disability? Are you qualified to claim for the Disability Tax Credit?

First, have you submitted for the T2201 Disability Tax Credit Certificate to get the CRA to approve the application before you file the income tax return? Please note that a medical practitioner needs to fill out Part B of the application. Depending on the onset of the disability you may be eligible to use the credit in both the current year as well as past years.

We’re no tax experts but if you are interested in filling out the form and some posts about the T2201 please see below…

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) – Steps for filling out T2201 https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/tax/individuals/segments/tax-credits-deductions-persons-disabilities/disability-tax-credit/step-step-instructions-filling-form-t2201.html

Want more information? Visit Disability Credit Canada https://disabilitycreditcanada.com/guide/2017-disability-tax-credit-guide/ or Sun Life Financial https://www.sunlife.ca/ca/Learn+and+Plan/Money/Financial+planning+tips/Do+you+qualify+for+the+disability+tax+credit?vgnLocale=en_CA

Hope this was information was useful!