We help people with mental, physical and developmental disabilities


Excel Advantage Enrichment Fund

We are people who care about people. Join the Excel Society with a gift to the Excel Advantage Enrichment Fund.

We house, support, and enrich the lives of people living with disabilities and complex mental health needs. Our unique approach to providing exceptional care through meaningful engagement includes intentional personal enrichment.

The Excel Advantage Enrichment Fund is a way to give to the Excel Society that assures you that your gift will directly support client enrichment.

Types of Enrichment

Everyone has the opportunity to enrich a life with the Excel Society. A gift to the Excel Society can be directed towards personal enrichment in the following ways:

Artistic Enrichment – Help a client access artistic supplies and experiences.

Musical Enrichment – Help a client access musical instruments and experiences.

Recreational Enrichment – Help a client access sport, leisure or recreational activities.

Companion Enrichment – Help connect a client with a caring companion for an appointment or outing.

Holiday Enrichment – Help a client have a simple holiday.

Milestone Enrichment – Help a client celebrate the achievement of a special goal.

Euphoria Enrichment – Help a client fulfill a life-long dream.

Spiritual Enrichment – Help a client access spiritual materials or a supportive spiritual adviser.

Educational Enrichment – Help a client access educational information and experiences.